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Puro fairtrade coffee



Puro coffee from Miko Koffie is Fairtrade labelled coffee, top quality blends of carefully harvested coffee beans, grown by ‘artisanal’ farmers committed with body and soul to the coffee production. Involved in coffee from the cradle…. One can taste their care and passion in every cup of Puro coffee !


  • Fairtrade: fair prices for the small coffee growers in the South
  • World Land Trust: sustainable protection of the tropical rainforest
  • CDI Bwamanda: financial support for projects in Congo allowing more children to have a proper education


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Fair trade


A fair price for the small coffee growers in the South, a price which covers all costs and leaves them a margin allowing them to invest in a better future for their family. This is what Fairtrade stands for. On top of this, Puro coffee selects only the best coffee beans. This results in an exceptional quality and taste experience.







Protecting the rainforest


The rainforest, the lungs of the Earth, are still being destroyed at a scorching speed with the ‘slash and burn’ technique. Puro closely collaborates with the nature protection organisation World Land Trust, of which Sir David Attenborough is one of the patrons. Via the WLT, we buy endangered parts of rainforest in order to sustainably protect them for the future generations.







Social initiatives


The vzw CDI Bwamanda is already more than 40 years involved in economical and social projects in Congo. Puro closely collaborates with CDI Bwamanda and invests in the quality and accessibility of the educational system in Congo. Education is a very important pillar of integrational development and is therefore also a very necessary investment in the future of the country.





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